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Sören Östlund

Professor Sören Östlund, KTH

Sören Östlund

Professor of Packaging Technology and
Head of the Department of Solid Mechanics

School of Engineering Sciences

Contact information

E-mail: soren@kth.se
Phone: +46-8-7907542
Address: Teknikringen 8D, SE-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden

Education and previous positions

1985, M.Sc., Aeronautical Engineering, KTH
1989, Ph.D., Solid Mechanics, KTH
1993, Docent, Solid Mechanics, KTH

Previous positions
1989-1991: Scientist, Swedish Institute of Composites, SICOMP, Piteå
1991-1995: Research associate, Department of Solid Mechanics, KTH
1995-1997: Senior lecturer, Department of Solid Mechanics, KTH
1998-2001: Associate professor of Solid Mechanics, KTH
2001-2002: Professor of Solid Mechanics particularly Paper Mechanics, KTH
1999-2009: Program manager, Master of Science programme in Vehicle Engineering, KTH

Teaching at basic and advanced levels

SD1001 Farkostteknik

SE1010 Hållfasthetslära gk, med projekt

SE2151 Paper Mechanics

Teaching at graduate level

SE3046 Paper Mechanics (6 credits)

This course will be given October 16-18 and October 23-24, 2017.

SE3047 Crash Course in Pulp and Paper Technology (3 credits)

The course is preliminary scheduled for 2018.

4C5008 Continuum Mechanics (12 credits)

This course will be given during the spring of 2018.


Research areas

  • Paper mechanics
  • Fracture mechanics of paper and board
  • Constitutive modelling of wood fibre based materials
  • Deformation and damage mechanisms in wood fibre based materials
  • Forming of complex paper structures

The main part of my research is carried out within BiMaC Innovation (www.bimacinnovation.kth.se), a VINNOVA VinnExcellence Centre to equal parts financed by VINNOVA, industrial partners from the forest and packaging industries and KTH. The research in BiMaC Innovation is organised in three competence area platforms: Biofibre packaging materials, Functional wood and fibre surfaces and Biocomposites. The research activities takes place in Demonstrator Line Projects (DLP), which each involves researchers from at least two competence area platforms. My research is in the DLP: Innovative paper structures.

Ongoing graduate student research projects and the funding organisations are listed below:

Principal supervisor

  • Petri Mäkelä (Tech. Lic. Solid Mechanics, KTH), "Fracture mechanics for paper"

Assistant supervisor

  • Daniel Mångård (Tech. Lic. Solid Mechanics, KTH), with Prof. Jonas Faleskog
  • August Brandberg (M. Sc. Mechanical Engineering KTH), with Assoc. Prof. Artem Kulachenko.
  • Hamid Reza Motamedian (Tech. Lic. Solid Mechanics, KTH), with Assoc. Prof. Artem Kulachenko, Funding by Christian Doppler Labs, BiMaC Innovation and KTH
  • Erik Jungstedt (M.Sc. Vehicle Engineering, KTH), "Mechanical behaviour of multi-functional wood", with Prof. Lars Berglund KTH-CHE

Lists of publications

Lists of publications in journals, conference proceedings, reports and books are available below as attachments in pdf-format.

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