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Dr. Rami Mansour

Reliable Design, Materials and Manufacturing (RDMM)

The focus of our research is on developing data-driven methods for reliable design, materials and manufacturing.

Our current reliability research involves three major categories:

i) Reliable Design  : Development of mathematical/computation tools for structural design & optimization under uncertainties and implementation of these tools in industrial applications.

ii) Reliable Materials  : fatigue of materials, multiscale material modelling, damage and failure simulation.

iii) Reliable Manufacturing  : biocomposites, abrasive manufacturing, welding and 3D printing.

Our work includes aspects of all three disciplines within a multidisciplinary framework that considers uncertainty quantification and propagation at different levels.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Rami Mansour  is a researcher and lecturer at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Current research involves structural design under uncertainties; stochastic multiscale material modelling and data-driven manufacturing. Dr. Mansour received his PhD in Solid Mechanics with specialisation in Structural Reliability in 2016 and MSc in Mechanical Engineering in 2010 from KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

At KTH, Dr. Mansour has been responsible for a number of mechanical and manufacturing engineering courses at undergraduate, graduate as well as Ph.D. level. He has taught the courses: Solid Mechanics basic course, Finite-Element Method for Engineering Applications, Fatigue, Machine learning and Additive Manufacturing.

With funding from

Dr. Rami Mansour
Teknikringen 8D, 2nd floor, Room 6460

KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Department of Engineering Mechanics
Division of Solid Mechanics
SE-10044 Stockholm, Sweden

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