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Licentiat - Prashanth Srinivasa

Publicerad 2015-05-28

Non-linear mechanics of nanonocellolose foams.

Prashanth Srinivasa presented his licentiate thesis on the 28th of May. The thesis was titled “Non-linear mechanics of nanocellulose foams.” The supervisor of the thesis was Dr. Artem Kulachenko and the reviewer Prof. Kristofer Kristofer Gamstedt.

The thesis addresses the relation between structural characteristics of nanocellulose foam and its mechanical properties. Prashanth explored the representative capabilities and shortcomings of two dimensional random structures in describing compressive response. He also investigated the response of these foams in cyclic and biaxial loading conditions, which provided insights in addition to conventional compressive response.

In the next step, we will use micro-tomography to assist the study of the microstructure. This will provide the necessary inputs: pore size distribution, cell wall length distribution and mass concentration of cell walls for the more reliable 3D micromechanical model.

The research has been contacted in collaboration with Innventia AB and Wallenberg Wood Science Center. 

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