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Licentiat - Eric Linvill

Publicerad 2016-11-16

Development of Finite Element Models for 3-D Forming Processes of Paper and Paperboard

Eric Linvill presented his licentiate thesis on the 24th of September 2015. The thesis was titled “Development of Finite Element Models for 3-D Forming Processes of Paper and Paperboard”. The supervisor was Prof. Sören Östlund and the reviewer Prof.  Tryding, Solid Mechanics, Lunds University.

Paper materials have a long history of use in packaging products, although traditional paper-based packaging is limited in its shape and design. In order to enable more advanced paper-based packaging, various 3-D forming processes for paper materials have been studied. Since 3-D forming processes typically include the application of moisture and/or temperature, the effects of moisture and temperature on the mechanical response of paper have also been investigated.

In Paper A, an experimental study of the combined effects of moisture and temperature on the uniaxial mechanical properties of paper was conducted. These experiments provided new insights into how moisture and temperature affect both the elastic and plastic properties of paper materials. These experiments also provided the framework from which the effects of moisture and temperature were modelled in Paper C.

In Paper B, an explicit finite element model of the paperboard deep-drawing process was developed. An orthotropic material model with in-plane quadrant hardening was developed and verified for paper. The simulation results matched the trends from experimental deep-drawing up to when micro-scale wrinkling occured. Since most experimental failures occur prior to wrinkling, this model provided quantitative understanding of failure in the paperboard deep-drawing process.

In Paper C, an explicit finite element model of paper hydroforming, utilizing the same material model for paper materials as in Paper B, was developed and verified. The simulation results matched well with experimental results, and a parametric study with the finite element model produced quantitative understanding of the hydroforming process for paper materials. Additionally, drying was identified as an important phenomenon for determining the extent of formability of paper materials.

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