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SE2121 Introduction to Biomechanics 9 hp

How to model muscles, cells and arteries in a mechanical perspective. The course follows on a basic course in Solid Mechanics and a basic FEM course. It is given during the spring term in the fourth reading session.

See the KTH student directory for course objectives and course content. The KTH Social (require KTH log in) is used for course web-page with current information for course participants. The course program is updated for each new session but the program from spring 2013 (pdf 95 kB) is included here as an example.

The course SE2121 Introduction to Biomechanics is open and elective for students on all programs who have followed a basic course in solid mechanics (for instance SE1010, SE1020 or SE1055) and an FEM course (for instance SE1025).

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