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SE202X Degree Project in Solid Mechanics, Second Level 30 hp

SE202X Degree Project in Solid Mechanics, Second Cycle 30.0 credits (Grade P/F)

- SE201X (Grade A-E/F) can be chosen by students who started at KTH from autumn 2007 (HT07) to spring 2015 (VT15).
- Students starting at KTH from autumn 2015 (HT15) can only follow SE202X.
- The same requirements apply independently on course code.

How to start a degree project in Solid Mechanics:

1) Find a degree project and a supervisor. The project is usually at a company or at the department, but can be at other departments at KTH if approved by the degree project coordinator att Solid Mechanics, Carl Dahlberg .
2) Fill in the course application form  and contact the degree project coordinator (Carl Dahlberg, linked above) for acceptance of the project and approval of the examiner.
3) Contact your examiner to get the course application form signed.
4) When approved by the coordinator and the student counselor, you will be admitted and registered to the course.

Report requirements:

- Content, format and language must be correct.
- The langage can be Swedish or English.
- A Swedish and an English abstract must exist (self contained and max 1 A4 page each).
- Swedish and English title must exist.
- The report must have the KTH cover (at front and back), see below. The report format is unrestricted. External formats, such as company formats, are acceptable. If the report has an external cover, then the KTH cover is placed outside this for the KTH version.
- The department must recieve the report as one pdf-file.
- The cover will get assigned a unique TRITA-number on the last page by the Undergraduate Administrator when the final version has been approved by your examiner, and you have filled out the webform linked below.

KTH course directory for SE202X

KTH course directory for SE201X

Some available course projects

Useful templates:

Word template for Masters degree report (english) (dotx 762 kB)  NOTE: remove the old covers in this template and replace with the new, see link below
Word mall för exjobbsrapporten (svenska) (dotx 757 kB)  OBS: ta bort de gamla omslagssidorna i denna mall och byt ut mot de nya, se länk nedan.

Create a cover for your Master's Thesis  This link goes to KTH's new report cover generator (as of 2014). First remove any old covers, then choose language in top right corner to English or Swedish. NOTE: Skip the TRITA-number field: it will be added by the educational administrator when the report is completed and approved by the examiner, and you have submitted the publication form (see below).


Fill out this form  when your finished Master's thesis is sent to your examiner, so we can archive and publish your "exjobb" in KTH:s library system DiVA. (Archiving is mandatory; open publishing is strongly recommended but not mandatory.)

Further tips and information (in Swedish):

Hur exjobbet i hållfasthetslära går till (pdf 79 kB)

Lathund för rapportskrivning

Information till handledare vid företag (pdf 58 kB)

Hur granskning av examensarbetet i hållfasthetslära går till (pdf 48 kB)

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