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Courses at the Department of Solid Mechanics

The department offers basic undergraduate courses for the Mechanical, Design and Product Development, Vehicle, Engineering Physics and Material Design programmes (SE1010, SE1055 and SE1020). The basic course SE1020 is also elective for all programmes. The course SE1025 FEM for Engineering Application continues the topic and is a prerequisite for specialication within the Solid Mechanics track. The department gives a Degree Project course (Kandidatexamen - KEX, SA10?X) in Solid Mechanics for third year students in the engineering programmes.

The advanced courses with numbers starting with SE2*** constitute courses in the Solid Mechanics track . They are listed to the left in order of appearance for students following the
Solid Mechanics track:

1st year fall term:
- SE2126 Material Mechanics
- SE2132 Applied Elasticity with FEM

1st year spring term:
- SE2123 Testing Techniques in Solid Mechanics
- SE2129 Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue
- SE2121 Introduction to Biomechanics
- SE2134 Dynamic Problems in Solid Mechanics

2nd year fall term:
- SE2135 Fatigue, Reliability and Design
- SE2151 Paper Mechanics (fall 2013, 2015, ...)
- SE2128 Computational Material Mechanics (fall 2014, 2016, ...)

2nd year spring term:
- SE201X Degree Project in Solid Mechanics

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