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Doctoral dissertations in Solid Mechanics

Doctoral dissertations in Solid Mechanics at KTH (1932 - 2016)

Doctoral dissertations
2017 Rickard Shen, On the low primary water stress corrosion cracking susceptibility of weld deformed Alloy 690
2017 Prashanth Srinivasa, Mechanics of Nanocellulose Foams: Experimental and Numerical Studies
2017 Eric Linvill, 3D Forming of Paper Materials
2016 Andrii Grytsan, Abdominal aortic aneurysm inception and evolution - A computational model
2016 Svetlana Borodulina, Micromechanics of fiber networks
2016 Anton Hagman, Influence of inhomogeneities on the tensile and compressvie mechanical properties of paperboard
2016 Rami Mansour, Reliability assessment and probabilistic optimization in structural design
2016 Daniel Sandberg, Experiments, computations and models for probabilistic HCF design
2016 Björn Fallqvist, On the mechanisms of actin and intermediate filament networks and their contribution to cellular mechanics
2015 Elsiddig Elmukashfi, Modeling of fracture and damage in rubber under dynamic and quasi-static conditions.
2015 Salar Sadek, Probabilistic high cycle fatigue models - volumetic approaches
2015 Irene Linares Arregui, Mechanical behavior of roller bearing steel.
2015 Mahdi Saadati, On the mechanical behavior of granite.
2015 Erik Olsson, Micromechanics of Powder Compaction.
2014 Daniel C. Andersson, Material Characterization of Powder Materials using Inverse Modeling.
2014 Mikael S. Magnusson, Interfibre joint strength under mixed modes of loading.
2014 Dave Hannes, On fatigue crack growth modelling of surface initiated rolling contact fatigue using the asperity point load mechanism.
2013 Hui Huang, Numerical and Experimental Investigation on Paperboard Converting Processes.
2013 Jacopo Biasetti, Physics of blood flow in arteries and its relation to intra-luminal thrombus and atherosclerosis.
2013 Caroline Forsell, Failure of vascular tissue with applications to the aneurysm wall, carotid plaque and myocardial tissue.
2013 Pär Ljustell, Fatigue crack growth experiments and analyses - from small scale yielding to large scale yielding at constant and variable amplitude loading.
2012 Kristoffer Karlén, Probabilistic modeling of fatigue failures
2012 Giampaolo Martufi, Biomechanics of abdominal aortic aneurysm:Experimental evidence and multiscale constitutive modeling
2012 Tomas Dersjö, Methods for reliability based design optimization of structural components.
2012 Sae-Il Murtada, Mechanochemical modeling of smooth muscle activation.
2011 Carl F. O. Dahlberg, On the role of interfaces in small scale plasticity.
2010 Etienne Bonnaud, On mechanical modelling of composite materials.
2008 Per Fredriksson, Modelling and simulation of plastic deformation on small scales: interface conditions and size effects of thin films.
2008 Niklas Melin, The modified Iosipescu shear test for orthotropic materials.
2008 Mateusz Stec, Micromechanical modeling of cleavage fracture in polycrystalline materials.
2008 Jessica Strömbro, Micro-mechanical mechanisms for deformation in polymer-material structures.
2008 Imad Barsoum, The effects of stress state in ductile failure.
2008 Henrik Wentzel, Modelling of frictional joints- from dissipative mechanisms to structural response.
2008 Fredrik Wredenberg, Mechanical modelling of surface scratching.
2007 Johan Dahlberg, On the asperity point load mechanism for rolling contact fatigue.
2007 Denis Jelagin, Frictional effects at Hertzian contact and fracture.
2006 R. Cristian Neagu, Hygroelastic behaviour of wood-fibre based materials on the composite, fibre and ultrastructural level.
2006 Peter Dahlin, Growth of fatigue cracks subjected to non-proportional Mode I and II.
2006 Lorant Olasz, Residual stresses and strains in cross-linked polyethylene power cable insulation,
2006 Artem Kulachenko, Mechanics of paper webs in printing press applications.
2006 Alessandro Cadario, Life prediction and mechanisms for the initiation and growth of short cracks under fretting fatigue loading.
2005 Olle Skrinjar, Cold compaction of composite powders.
2005 Magnus Östlund, Residual stresses in paperboard and the influence of drying.
2005 Kaj B. Pettersson, The inclined double notch shear test for determination of interlaminar shear properties of composite laminates.
2004 Johan Alfthan, Micro-mechanically based modeling of mechano-sorptive creep in paper.
2004 Jan Lif, Analysis of time- and humidity dependent mechanical behaviour of paper webs at offset printing conditions.
2004 Christophe Barbier, On folding of coated papers.
2003 Mikael Nygårds, Microstructural finite element modeling of metals.
2003 Martin Kroon, Probabilistic and micromechanical modelling of cleavage fracture.
2002 Tomas Månsson, Engineering aspects of fatigue crack growth in metals.
2002 Niclas Stenberg, On the out-of-plane mechanical behaviour of paper materials.
2002 Mikael Johnson, Acoustic emission in composite laminates - numerical simulations and experimental characterization.
2002 Anders Jonsson, Integral equation methods for fracture mechanics and micro-mechanical problems.
2001 Joachim Larsson, On normal and oblique inelastic contact.
2001 Adam Wikström, Modeling of stresses and deformation in thin film and interconnect line structures.
2000 Susanna Carlsson, On indentation methods for characterization of inelastic materials.
2000 Jan-Erik Lundgren, On damage and moisture in composite laminates.
2000 Bo Alfredsson, A study on contact fatigue mechanisms.
2000 Annika Trädegård, Numerical models of ductile crack growth.
1999 Mats Åberg, Wave propagation and damage in composite laminates.
1998 Krister Dovstam, On material damping modelling and modal analysis in structural dynamics.
1997 Per Nordlund, Adaptivity and wrinkle indication in non-linear shell analysis.
1996 Nils Hallbäck, Mixed-mode fracture in homogeneous materials.
1996 Mats Andersson, Dynamic and static contact in brittle materials.
1996 Erik Adolfsson, Matrix cracking in composite laminates.
1995 John C. Thesken, Dynamic fracture and delamination in composites.
1995 Iradj Sattari-Far, On fracture assessment of surface cracks.
1994 Mårten Olsson, Mechanical modelling of ceramics.
1994 Jonas Faleskog, Crack growth in elastic-plastic materials.
1992 Karl.-Fredrik Nilsson, On combined buckling and interface crack growth.
1992 Adam Zdunek, On the mechanics of nearly incompressible solids.
1990 Weilin Zang, Crack kinks and crack closure modeled by integral equation method.
1989 Sören Östlund, Rapid crack growth in linear and non-linear materials.
1989 Per-Lennart Larsson, On buckling and delamination failure of composite plates.
1983 Xueren Wu, Fracture analysis of cracks in complex stress fields with special applications to weldments.
1983 Sten Kaiser, The influence of stable crack growth on structural integrity.
1983 Björn Brickstad, Fast fracture and crack arrest - an experimental and numerical analysis.
1982 Peter Gudmundson, Effects of cracks and other geometrical changes on the vibration of structures - with special application to turbine blades.
1981 Stig Wästberg, Fatigue crack propagation in medium strength steels.
1981 Gunnar Wijk, Some theoretical and experimental aspects of the uniaxial and point load tests of rock material.
1980 Lars Dahlberg, Rapid crack propagation - an experimental and numerical study of nonlinear effects.
1978 Torkel Arvidsson, The mechanisms of plastic deformation at high strain rates.
1978 Finn Ouchterlony, Fracture analysis of cracks related to rock fragmentation.
1975 Kjell Eriksson, A study of the fracture toughness of hard steels - pre-cracking technique and influence of inclusions.
1975 Karl Markström, Experimental and numerical studies of non-linear phenomena in fracture mechanics.
1974 Pavel Sindelar, Application of an incremental method to the solution of general plane strain boundary value problems in finite elasticity.
1974 Nils-Gunnar Ohlson, Experimental investigation concerning the influence of strain history on the fracture toughness of metals.
1974 Hans Strifors, Some basic problems of the continuum mechanical theory of fracture.
1973 Gunnar Härkegård, Elastic-plastic deformation at inclusions - a fatigue problem.
1973 Fred Nilsson, Dynamic aspects on crack initiation and propagation.
1969 Åke Samuelsson, Creep buckling.
1969 Bertil Storåkers, On finite deformation and failure of non linearly visco-plastic structures.
1968 Bertil Söderquist, On biaxial creep and creep rupture.
1964 Arne Sundstrand, Beräkningssystem för strukturanalys.
1963 Janne Carlsson, On brittle fracture propagation.
1961 Sverker Sjöström, On random load analysis.
1957 Jan Hult, Fatigue crack initiation in torsion. Fatigue crack propagation.
1956 K. Bertram Broberg, Shock waves in elastic and elastic-plastic media.
1955 R. Gunnert, Residual welding stresses.
1948 Torkild Rand, Statik för flygplanskal.
1932 Jan-Erik. Ekström, Studien über dünne Schalen von rotationssymmetrischer Form.
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