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Licentiate dissertations in Solid Mechanics

Licentiate dissertations in Solid Mechanics at KTH (1945-2016)

Licentiate dissertations
2016 Ulrika Lagerblad, A fixed-lag smoother for solving joint input and state estimation problems in structural dynamics
2016 Hamid Reza Motamedian, Robust formulations for beam-to-beam contact
2015 Eric Linvill, Development of finite element models for 3-D forming processes of paper and paperboard.
2015 Prashanth Srinivasa, Non-linear mechanics of nanocellulose foams.
2014 Rami Mansour, Development of efficient and accurate methods for Reliability-based Design Optimization.
2014 Salar Sadek, Improved Models for the Probability of High Cycle Fatigue.
2014 Andrii Grytsan, Computational model of abdominal aortic aneurysm inception and evolution.
2013 Björn Fallqvist, Mechanical response of cross-linked actin networks.
2013 Mahdi Saadati, On the mechanical behavior of granite with application to percussive drilling.
2013 Anton Hagman, Investigations of in-plane properties of paperboard.
2013 Svetlana Borodulina, Micromechanical behaviour of fiber networks.
2013 Elsiddig Elmukashfi, Modelling of dynamic crack propagation in rubber.
2013 Erik Olsson, Micromechanics of Powder Compaction and Particle Contact.
2013 Mikael S. Magnusson, Testing and evaluation of interfibre joint strength under mixed-mode loading.
2011 Jacopo Biasetti, On the interplay between hemodynamics and biochemistry of the normal and aneurysmatic abdominal aorta
2011 Dave Hannes, Modelling of surface initiated rolling contact fatigue crack growth using the asperity point load mechanism
2011 Hui Huang, Numerical and experimental investigation of paperboard creasing and folding
2011 Caroline Forsell, Numerical simulation of failure response of vascular tissue due to deep penetration
2010 Giampaolo Martufi, Multiscale modeling of the normal and the aneurysmatic abdominal aorta
2010 Irene Linares Arregui, Mechanical behaviour of a bainitic high strength roller bearing steel
2010 Kristoffer Karlén, Probabilistic models for fatigue failure
2009 Tomas Dersjö, Reliability based design optimization for structural components
2009 Sae-Il Murtada, Smooth muscle modeling - Activation and contraction of contractile units in smooth muscle
2009 Daniel Bremberg, Automatic mixed-mode crack propagation computations using a combined hexahedral/tetrahedral approach
2009 Carl F. O. Dahlberg, Modeling of the mechanical behavior of interfaces by using strain gradient plasticity
2007 Karin Almgren, Stress-transfer mechanisms in wood fibre composites
2007 Henrik Wentzel, Models and mechanisms of dissipation in bolted joints
2007 Dimitrios E. Kiousis,  Computer aided angioplasty - Patient-specific arterial modeling and smooth 3D contact analysis of the stent-balloon artery interaction
2006 Sven Norberg, Prediction of the fatigue limit - Accuracy of post-processing methods
2006 Niklas Melin, The modified Iosipescu shear test for measuring strengths and constitutive behavior of composites
2006 Johan Dahlberg, A numerical and experimental investigation on surface and sub-surface initiation of contact fatigue cracks at cylindrical contacts
2006 Imad Barsoum, Ductile failure and rupture mechanisms in combined tension and shear
2006 Fredrik Wredenberg, Experimental and numerical analysis of scratching of homogeneous materials
2006 Denis Jelagin, On Hertzian contact and fracture at finite friction
2005 Pär Ljustell, On predictions of fatigue crack growth rates
2005 Per Fredriksson, A strain gradient plasticity analysis of size effects in thin films
2005 Jessica Agde Tjernlund, Length-scale effects in yielding and damage development in polymer materials
2004 Lorant Olasz, Modeling of residual stresses in cross-linked polyethylene power cable insulation
2004 Cristian Neagu, Hygroelastic properties of wood fibres for composite applications
2004 Artem Kulachenko, Printing press paper web mechanics
2004 Alessandro Cadario, On fretting fatigue with a spherical indenter
2003 Peter Dahlin, Fatigue crack growth under non-proportional mixed mode I+II loading
2003 Olle Skrinjar, Numerical modelling of cold compaction of composite powders
2003 Magnus Östlund, Experimental determination of residual stresses in paperboard
2002 Kaj Pettersson, Development of the inclined double notch shear test for determination of interlaminar properties of composite laminates
2002 Johan Alfthan, Micro-mechanical modelling of mechano-sorptive creep in paper
2002 Hans Johansson, Shapes in strip steel due to differences in plastic strains
2002 Christophe Barbier, An experimental and numerical investigation of folding of coated papers
2001 Mikael Nygårds, Micromechanical modeling of two-phase steels by Voronoi cells
2001 Martin Kroon, Probabilistic modelling of cleavage fracture
2001 Göran Paulsson, Constitutive modelling of semi-crystalline polymers
2001 Etienne Bonnaud, On effects of elastic and strength heterogeneity in composite structures
2000 Tomas Månsson, Fatigue crack growth in nodular cast iron
2000 Petri Mäkelä, Crack tip modelling in paper
2000 Morten Strandberg, Fracture at V-notches - computational and experimental aspect
2000 Mikael Johnson, Acoustic emission and damage development in composite laminates
2000 Mats Yngvesson, Fatigue crack growth under complex loading
2000 Anders Jonsson, On the development of stable numerical algorithms for solid mechanics
1999 Niclas Stenberg, Mechanical properties in the thickness direction of paper and paperboard
1999 Johan Alpman, Numerical methods for analysis of damage in aircraft structures
1999 Joachim Larsson, Topics in inelastic contact
1999 Jan-Erik Lundgren, Damage dependent moisture absorption in composite laminates
1999 Anna Wiberg, Rolling contact of a paper web between layered cylinders with implications to offset printing
1999 Anders Nordström, Modelling of curl in paper
1999 Adam Wikström, Thermal stresses in metal interconnects deposited on silicon substrates
1998 Susanna Carlsson, Normal contact of inelastic solids
1998 Bo Alfredsson, An experimental and numerical study on contact fatigue initiation
1997 Rolf Jarlås, Analysis of shell structures based on a 3D finite element formulatio
1997 Måns Isacsson, Micromechanical aspects of fracture in the transition region
1997 Mats Åberg, Modelling of microstructural effects on wave propagation in composites
1997 Magnus Dahlberg, Fatigue in nodular cast iron
1997 Jan. O. Lif, Experimental methods and time dependent characterisation of paper for printing applications
1997 Annika Trädegård, Two parameter characterization of propagating cracks
1996 Skender Shehu, Crack growth initiation in the transition region.
1996 Nils Jönsson, Numerical prediction of fracture behaviour
1996 Leif Eriksson, Model reduction methods for structural engineering dynamics
1996 Anders Jangmalm, Network modelling of the elastic properties of paper
1995 Per Nordlund, Some computational procedures for cracks and wrinkles
1995 Erik Adolfsson, Modelling of micro cracks in composite laminates
1994 Mats Andersson, Static and dynamic contact including friction and inelastic material behaviour
1993 Per Lidar Measuring of crack growth and strain rates
1993 Nils Hallbäck, Mixed mode failure in aluminium
1990 Per-Olof Larsson, Dynamic analysis of assembled mechanical structures using frequency-response functions
1990 Leif Boström, Initiation of short fatigue cracks
1989 John Thesken, Dynamic fracture analysis with variable order singular finite elements
1989 Björn Klasén, Investigations of crack growth in two and three-dimensional configurations
1987 Roberto Oliveira, Numerical calculations in fracture mechanics
1987 Hans Lundh, Energy absorption in structural members during influence of impact loads
1985 Erik Hjelmquist, An analysis of long-term deformation and failure of buried plastic pipes
1973 Rudi A. de Bont, On correlation between creep damage and fracture toughness of a molybdenum alloyed steel
1973 Bertil Larsson, Några kontinuummekaniska konsekvenser av en fysikalisk kryplag
1972 Stig-Göran Larsson, 1. Segmentmetod för elastisk-plastisk analys av tvåfasmaterial under plant deformationstillstånd 2. On the finite element analysis of elastic-plastic structures under plan strain conditions 3. Influence of non-singular stress terms on small scale yielding at crack tips in elastic-plastic materials
1971 Gunnar Florin, Med spänningstillståndet förbundna deformationer hos stationärt roterande prismor med reguljärt triangulär tvärsnittsform
1970 Hans Strifors, Simulering av verktygsmaskins arbetsprocess i analogimaskin
1969 Gunnar Florin, Spänningar och deformationer i plana, cirkulära rotorskivor med eller utan centrumhål, av jämn eller varierande tjocklek samt av anisotropt material. (FOA)
1968 Gunnar Asplund, Icke-linjära svängningar - En litteraturöversikt.
1967 Sigfrid Andersson, Trycksvängningar vid kolvpumpar och härmed sammanhängande problem.
1967 Nils-Gunnar Ohlson, Termo-chockundersökningar (Thermal Shock Investigations)
1965 Ulf Malmström, Finite creep of a circular sandwich plate under lateral pressure
1965 Bertil Storåkers, Finite creep of plane membranes subject to hydrostatic pressure.
1964 Åke Samuelsson A theoretical investigation of creep deformation and buckling of a circualar cylindrical shell under axial compression and internal pressure.
1964 Åke Hedström, Plastisk-elastisk hållfasthetsteori
1964 Torsten Ericsson, Töjningsutmattning, en litteraturgranskning avseende fenomenets natur och teori samt tillämpning på material för överhettarkapsling
1963 Ragnar Lundell, En maskin för krypprov vid samtidig dragning och vridning.
1963 Lars-Erik Jarfall, Studier över utmattningshållfasthet
1963 Hans R. W. Weibull, Luftstötvågsbelastade fjäderkopplade plattor. (Blastloaded spring coupled plates)
1963 Gert Hedner, Jämförelse mellan några krypteorier i ett fall av tvåaxlig krypning - Total strain theory of creep including recovery.
1963 Bertil Söderquist, An experimental study of creep under biaxial tension
1963 Arne Sundstrand, System för strukturanalys.
1963 A. Walöen, Assymmetrical loading of conical shells.
1961 Per-Olov Eriksson, Likformighetslagar vid fladderförsök.
1961 Jon Evert Steger, Litteraturstudie över krypegenskaperna hos zirkonium och zirkoniumlegeringar.
1961 Janne Carlsson, Högfrekvens-impedansen hos ledare med rektangulärt tvärsnitt.
1960 K. E. Gunnar  Andersson, Ringförstyvade cirkulära cylinderskal med punktlaster på förstyvningar
1959 Lars Wallin, Large deflections of non-linear elastic rectangular plates
1959 Arne Mellgren, Measuring accuracy in creep tests. I. Influence of thermal stresses
1956 Åke Isaksson, Kryphastigheten hos excentriskt belastade provstavar
1956 Eric Hultmark, Om det mjuka stålets egenskaper vid begynnande flytning under enaxliga, homogena och inhomogena spänningstillstånd
1956 Bengt Muhr, Dämpningens inverkan vid utmattningsprov
1955 Curt Falkemo, Jagaren Halland - Några hållfasthetsberäkningar
1955 Arne Björklund, Elastische Ringe mit Berücksichtigung der Wölberinnerung
1953 Jan Hult, Några problem vid spänningsmätning i bergrum
1953 Erik Steneroth, Om tvärskeppshållfasthet hos tankfartyg.
1952 Johnny Schönning, 20 års utveckling inom torsionssvängningstekniken
1951 Sverker Sjöström, Spänningsfördelningen vid kanten av ett excentriskt placerat cirkulärt hål i en strimla vid dragning. - Lösning av cylinderproblem med hjälp av hakintegraler
1951 Erik Nilsson, Fladdersvängningar hos skovlar till turbomaskiner
1945 Lars-Erik Zackrisson, About the membrane analogy of torsion and its use in a simple apparatus
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