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The Solid Mechanics laboratory provides technical expertise and assistance in research. Experiments involving a wide range of testing methods and materials are planned and conducted. The Solid Mechanics laboratory is part of the Odqvist Laboratory for Experimental Mechanics.

Some of the typical experiements that are conducted in the Solid Mechanics laboratory:

Fracture mechanics testing
CTOD, K, J, and da / dN determinations
• Precracking of specimens cracks for fracture mechanics testing
• Manufacturing specimens with fatigue cracks of known geometry

Quasi static testing
• Tensile tests for material data analysis (E, Rp0.2%, Rm, A5, Z)
• Compression testing
• Creep testing

Fatigue testing
• Contact fatigue
• Fatigue limit determinations
• Wöhler curves

The materials of interest include engineering materials such as metals, but also paper, biological materials and rubber. The Solid Mechanics laboratory also performs testing on small and large sized components.


Department of Solid Mechanics
Teknikringen 8L (deliveries)
Teknikringen 8D (visit)
SE-100 44 Stockholm

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