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Department of Solid Mechanics, KTH

Solid Mechanics is a classic discipline within engineering sciences, ranging from basic to applied science. The subject can be regarded as a link between material science and applied mechanics with emphasis on the latter.

Solid Mechanics deals with the mechanical properties of materials and structures. Research at the department is focused on computational mechanics, fracture mechanics, composite mechanics, contact mechanics, material mechanics, paper mechanics and fatigue. A primary goal of the research is to develop methods for reliable design of structures, materials, systems and processes.

The teaching of solid mechanics and strength of materials consists of core courses at the basic level, courses covering more specialized topics at the advanced level and courses for Ph.D.-students. There is a close interaction between research, research and teaching. New developments in solid mechanics is reflected in a continuous updating of course contents.

Professorship in Solid Mechanics at KTH was established in 1921. An additional professorship was established in 1961 and a third chair in Mechanics of Materials were added in 1991. A fourth chair in Packaging Technology was established in 2002. Subsequently chairs in Biomechanics (2004) , Reliable Structures (2006) and an adjunct professor in Mechanics of Materials for Nuclear Safety (2010). There are currently 6 professors, 3 associate professors and an adjunct professor at the department. Furthermore, there are more than 25 graduate students in the Ph.D.-program in Solid Mechanics. The Department has a well-equipped laboratory and workshop with two research scientists and two technicians.

Since 2007, the Department hosts the WINN Excellence Centre BiMaC Innovation and since 2004 the graduate school Forest Products Industry Research College ( FPIRC ). The total number of employees of the department is approximately 45 full-time equivalents.

Sören Östlund
Head of Department

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