Nya Hållfen
Nya Hållfen

Welcome to KTH Solid Mechanics

Since 1 January 2020, the previous departments of Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering, Solid Mechanics and Mechanics have been merged into the new department of Engineering Mechanics. The website of the new department is under construction.

Solid Mechanics is a classic engineering science discipline, ranging from basic to applied science. The topic can be regarded as a link between materials science and applied mechanics with emphasis on the latter.

Solid Mechanics deals with the mechanical properties of materials and structures. The research at the department is focused on computational methods, fracture mechanics, composite mechanics, contact mechanics, mechanics of materials, paper mechanics and fatigue. A primary objective of the research is to develop methods for reliable design of structures, materials, systems and processes.

The education in solid mechanics consists of basic courses in strength of materials and solid mechanics, elasticity and FEM, and advanced courses in more specialized areas such as, for example, material mechanics, fracture and fatigue, testing techniques, biomechanics, paper mechanics and dynamic problems in solid mechanics. There is a close interaction between research and teaching on all levels. New developments in solid mechanics are reflected in a continuous updating of the content of the courses.


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