Fred Nilsson Seminar, November 25, 2010

Fred Nilsson Seminar, November 25, 2010

Fred Nilsson
Professor Fred Nilsson

Professor Fred Nilsson passed away on July 28, 2009. In memory of his scientific achievements, the Department of Solid Mechanics arranged a seminar on November 25, 2010.

Invited speakers were Professor John Hutchinson, Harvard University, Professor Viggo Tvergaard, Technical University of Denmark, Professor Kim Wallin, VTT, Finland and Professor Gunnar Härkegård, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. From the Department of Solid Mechanics, Professors Jonas Faleskog and Martin Kroon presented some of their recent research results.

The seminar was attened by almost 90 persons from KTH, other Swedish universities and industry, and the list of participants included many well known authorities of the Swedish solid mechanics community.

John Hutchinson
Professor John Hutchinson lecturing on energy states of buckled films
Peter Gudmundon
Professor Peter Gudmundson talking about Fred Nilsson
Martin Kroon
Professor Martin Kroon talking about fracture in rubber materials
Gunnar Härkegård
Professor Gunnar Härkegård
Kim Wallin och Jonas Faleskog
Professors Kim Wallin and Jonas Faleskog
Janne Carlsson
Professor Janne Carlsson
Viggo Tvergaard
Professor Viggo Tvergaard
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